- - - - - - - - Safer than metal staples for people and machines
Works for over 18 months before biodegrading completely
Our 4” (10cm) stakes have 45% more holding power than 6” (15cm) metal staples
Completely biodegrades when the job is done
No need return to site to remove – just let them biodegrade naturally
Really tough and can penetrate the hardest ground
Complies with ASTM D6400 and EN13432
Specified by governments, engineers, conservation bodies and DOTs
Better for the environment

A GreenStake is 100% biodegradable. That means it breaks down completely to carbon dioxide, water and humus, just like compost (degradable stakes contain plastics and do not conform to ASTM D6400). Use them and forget about them – they'll keep gripping for over 18 months before completely disappearing.
Better for the job

A 4" (10cm) GreenStake has 45% more anchorage power than a 6" metal staple thanks to a larger surface area and added barbs. See the independent test chart results and pictures.