Product GreenStake
Description 100% biodegradable landscape stake.
Sizes 4” (10cm), 6” (15cm)
Applications Use a GreenStake to anchor erosion control blankets, seed germination and frost blankets,weed control fabric, new turf and sod, netting and meshes.
Performance 4” stakes have 45% more anchoring power than 6” metal staples and feature anchor barbs and a hooked head for better gripping.
Material Of Composition Plant-based material derived from wheat and potato starches and biodegradable pigments.
Applicable Standards Approved to ASTM Biodegradability Standards ASTM D6400 in the USA and EN13432 in Europe.
Biodegradation Process Natural micro-organisms in the ground cause the complete biodegradation of a GreenStake. This rate depends on the moisture and temperature of the soil.
Biodegradation By-Products Natural carbon dioxide, water and humus, just like compost.
Biodegradation Period Maintains holding power for over 18 months before completely disappearing.
ECB Installation Pattern As per blanket manufacturer.
Storage Dry store indefinitely – biodegradation only begins when in contact with soil.
Safety & Hazards See Material Data Safety Sheet here.
Manufacturer GreenStake Inc., Email